Central Croatia

centralna hrvatska

Central Croatia is the area lying in the valleys of the rivers Sava, Drava and Mura.

This is a region of romantic medieval fortresses, pilgrims’ monasteries and castles where the most famous one is Trakošćan – which today has been turned into a museum.

Asides from being the most baroque town in Croatia - Varaždin with its carefully arranged parks and important monuments of garden architecture, there is also the Varaždin graveyard whose white cedar trees are shaped as partitions and arcades, and were influenced by Versailles in Paris.

Ludbreg is also in this region, which has the famous Eucharist “proštenište Predragocjene krvi Isusove” [Sanctuary of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus], and a little further away there is the Croatian Marian sanctuary of Maria Bistrica.

The town of Lepoglava is a place that is equally famous for its lace and Pauline order who built a monastery and church with wonderful frescos.

Facts about Central Croatia:

  • 2,16 milion inhabitans with Zagreb city

Counties: Medimurje, Varazdin, Krapina-Zagorje, Koprivnica-Krizevci, Bjelovar-Bilogora, Karlovac, Sisak-Moslavina

Nature Parks: 1 - Lonjsko polje