Welcome to the landscape of dreams.

Lika is a historical region on the southwest part of Croatia, situated on 5.000 km². The largest city of the region is Gospic.

Asides from being proud of being the birthplace of one of the world’s greatest minds, Nikola Tesla, Lika also has a beautiful Marian seminary, the Senj fortress of Nehaj, a unique museum dedicated to pirates...

The county of Karlovac is an area full of many self-abnegating cultural monuments from charming old towns and castles to Franciscan, Pauline and Dominican monasteries. Growing up on the banks of four rivers and developed from medieval fortresses once intended for the defense against Ottoman hordes in central Europe, the renaissance centre of the town of Karlovac is particularly interesting and takes the form of a star.

Facts about Lika-Karlovac and Senj:

  • 180.178 inhabitants (census 2011)


Headquarters: Karlovac and Senj

Islands: Pag

National Parks: 3 - Plitvice Lakes, North Velebit, Paklenica

UNESCO natural sites: Plitvice Lakes since 1979