Zagreb is a city tailored to the human scale.

Zagreb is the capital of the Republic of Croatia, it’s almost a million inhabitors, strong political and diplomatic, cultural, economic, mercantile, transport & communication and sports centre. It is a city of contrasts – young and old at the same time,  dedicated to business in the morning, relaxed and fun loving in the evening, a typical European metropolis in many ways, but at the same time it is the city that its guests remember for the charm of its centre and hospitality of its citizens. Zagreb grew out of two medieval settlements that flourished for centuries on neighboring hills. 

With places of interest such as the Croatian National Theatre, the Art Pavilion, the Academy of Science and Arts, the university library, numerous museums and galleries, as well as wonderful parks and gardens, Zagreb has always been a truly central European cultural core whose significance is best witnessed by 20 theatres, equal number of museums, 30 galleries and numerous art exhibitions.


Facts about Zagreb County:

  • 317.642 inhabitants (census 2011)

Headquarters: Zagreb

Nature Parks: 2 - Medvednica, Zumberak